The year is well under way.

In late January we had our annual Bench and Bar Conference. Surprisingly, the UCLA con law professor and the NRA appellate attorney agreed on almost everything during what was to be the lunchtime debate. Equally surprising, especially to me as moderator, Representative Capps’ keynote address brought out a lively Second Amendment debate.

We’ve launched our new Legislative Liaison committee under the capable leadership of Angela Roach. I’ve spoken with Senator Jackson and Congresswoman Capps’ aides, and both welcome the opportunity to share ideas and developments with the SBCBA.

Meanwhile, we are gearing up for another intense Spring campaign to lobby the legislature for adequate court funding. Our Bench & Bar Committee will again be led by Jim Griffith who will use his knowledge from last year’s fight to do what we can to help.

Everything that the SBCBA accomplishes each year requires teamwork.  The most rewarding aspect of being SBCBA President has been interacting with our various committee members as we implement the SBCBA programs.  Among all the people working to make our association as good as it is, one person stands out – our Executive Director, Lida Sideris.

Lida has a full plate.  When there’s a fee dispute, she makes sure it gets arbitrated. When someone calls looking for an attorney to handle a matter large or small, she makes sure that person gets connected to the right LRS attorney.  Lida handles the ad sales for this magazine and when it’s time to go to press, she helps make sure it’s accurate and typo free. When we take SBCBA-sponsored MCLE classes, she keeps track of the paperwork. When there’s an event, whether it’s the Bench & Bar Conference, the Barbeque, or the Annual Dinner, Lida’s competence shows. Lida is there when we collect membership fees, she is there when we need to follow up, and she is there when we need to pay our bills.

Lida is adept at handling whatever comes our way.  At the moment, for example, the SBCBA is in the throes of providing member benefits.  This is a big job and one that has no precedent in our organization. Lida’s intelligence, institutional knowledge, and superb people skills have really helped us to make progress on what turns out to be a very nuanced project.  

Lida’s competence and intelligence would, perhaps, be less praiseworthy if it were not for one final characteristic – she is, unfailingly, the nicest person there is to work with.

First published in the March 2014 edition of Santa Barbara Lawyers Magazine


- Scott B. Campbell
  Rogers Sheffield & Campbell, LLP
  2014 SBCBA President

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