• A Final Letter (Of Gratitude) From The SBCBA President In 2014

    All of us should be proud of the SBCBA's performance in 2014, and thankful for all of the volunteers that made it happen.

    Financially, the SBCBA is in great shape, possibly its best financial condition ever. This year we were able to fund an investment account from which we hope, in the future, to make charitable donations to SBCBA-supported organizations. We were also able to make a donation to the Legal Aid Foundation, in its year of dire need. This year's CFO, Katy Graham, and Fiscal Committee member, Nathan Rogers, did a great job.

  • Be Inspired, Coach A High School Mock Trial Team

    In October 2008, Maureen Grattan, whom I barely knew, invited me to coffee.  She had been helping to coach Dos Pueblos High School’s Mock Trial team for a year and wondered, now that one of my sons had made the team, whether I might be interested in lending a hand.  I patiently explained that I was really much too busy (read “important”) for high school mock trial (read “kids pretending to be lawyers”).  Not wanting to be too harsh, I agreed to attend the next night’s practice.  Maury smiled; she knew the hook had been sunk.

  • Considering an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust?

    People often think of life insurance as “tax-free,” but that’s not entirely true.  Life insurance proceeds generally are income-tax-free to your beneficiaries, but if you own the policy at your death, the proceeds may be subject to estate taxes. One of the best ways to keep life insurance out of your taxable estate is to place the policy in an irrevocable life insurance trust (an “ILIT”).

    If you’re thinking about setting up an ILIT for an existing policy, consider doing so before the end of the year, particularly if it’s a high cash value policy.

  • Foundations—The Smart Way to Give

    Our community has a long tradition of charitable giving. We are so well known for our charitable tradition that we have been the subject of numerous regional and national articles on that topic. One of our many resources are charitable foundations. These organizations both support the many charities in our community and provide a resource for you in making charitable gifts in your estate planning.

  • Pet Trusts: Protection For Our Furry Friends

    The primary goal of estate planning is to have our wishes carried out, especially when we are not here. Those wishes include care for ourselves if we become disabled, and care for those that matter the most to us, for example, the pet companions that have made such a difference for us. You naturally want to make sure that your dear pet companions are cared for when you are no longer able to be their caregiver. They have served you and added to the quality of your life. How can you guarantee that others will provide for them as you would wish?

  • President's Message- SBCBA Hits Milestones

    It is September already and the SBCBA has hit a number of milestones this summer. By the time you read this message, our Member Benefits program will be up and running. Visit our website and click on our Member Benefits page to get more details. We have been working for months to coordinate with vendors and service providers in the Santa Barbara area to offer discounts and incentives to SBCBA members in exchange for exposure in our magazine and on our website. We hope these programs will continue to grow and that they will provide additional value to all of our members.

    The SBCBA’s Fiscal Committee (Katy Graham and Nathan Rogers) helped us to reach another goal – prudent investing of our reserves. Over the past few years, the SBCBA has been able to meet its operating expenses and save additional monies. For a small organization with as many events and responsibilities as we have, being able to create reserves is, in and of itself, a source of pride. Now we have enough in reserves to justify establishing conservative investment vehicles to generate more income while maintaining safety. As of this summer, we have done so.

  • President’s Message: Summer is Here!

    The SBCBA’s new Legislative Liaison Committee, led by Angela Roach, with members Sue McCollum, Jim Griffith and Emily Allen, got off to a successful start. In late May we met with Supervisor Janet Wolf to encourage the Board of Supervisors to provide additional funding to the Santa Barbara Legal Aid Foundation. We learned that there might be additional funding available, if the Legal Aid Foundation moved quickly to make a specific funding request. It did so, and we then supported that request with additional letters to the Supervisors. On June 11th, Legal Aid’s request for $30,000 to help fund its Legal Resource Center and for approximately $3,000 to help fund an attorney to assist with domestic violence cases in North County was considered and approved by the Board of Supervisors. We are both deeply gratified by the Board of Supervisor's decision and proud of our contribution to the process.

  • SBCBA Hosted Assemblyman Das Williams and Famed Law Scholar Laurence Tribe In June

    It’s already August, yikes. Tempus fugit.

    June was a great month for the SBCBA. On June 20, the SBCBA’s Legislative Liaison Committee met with Assemblyman Das Williams to start a dialogue that we hope will continue with our State Representatives. We engaged in a good conversation on subjects ranging from his efforts to pass legislation regarding obtaining temporary restrain- ing orders against certain mentally unstable gun possessors to our interests in protecting the public’s access to justice through adequately funded courts and programs. We hope to continue the dialogue in these pages with a published interview. Assemblyman Williams has a lot to say about the legislative process that we believe will be of interest to our members.

  • Should You Amend Your Family Trust to Eliminate the “Bypass” Trust?

    Recent changes in federal tax law suggest that we might benefit from rethinking how we set up many estate plans. We now have a generous $5,340,000 per person estate tax exclusion, which is adjusted by the cost of living. That means in 2015, it will increase to at least $5,450,000 per person.  At that rate, it won’t be long before it reaches $6,000,000 per person, so that the first $12,000,000 per couple will pass to the next generation free of estate tax.

  • The SBCBA Had An Active February

    There was a lot going on in February.

    On February 5th I attended the Legal Aid Foundation’s luncheon, celebrating its 55th anniversary and the recent retirement of its Executive Director, Ellen Goodstein. I was staggered to learn the numbers of people served by Legal Aid, and the breadth of the services provided. It is easy to forget that almost 20% of our local citizens are living at or below the poverty line and that they, just as the rest of us, face the whole spectrum of legal issues. Legal Aid is doing a great job for that population, but the work is endless and as attorneys, we should do what we can to help the Legal Aid Foundation continue its mission.

    On February 21 State Bar President Luis Rodriguez stopped in Santa Barbara for a luncheon organized by Judge Herman. President Rodriguez’ remarks covered a wide range of topics of interest to all California attorneys, not the least of which was court funding.

  • The SBCBA Has A Lot To Be Proud Of

    This message will appear in the 500th edition of the Santa Barbara Lawyer (f/k/a Quibbler) magazine. Look through this magazine, read its articles, check out the ads, announcements and its overall quality, then stop to reflect: our bar association has about 600 members, yet we consistently put out a great monthly magazine with well-written original articles. The writing and most of the editing is done by volunteers, each of whom has the pressures of a day job. It’s extraordinary how good this magazine is.

  • The SBCBA Is Kicking Off Summer With Two Great Events

    The SBCBA is offering two great ways to kick off the summer -- its Annual Bar Barbeque and an evening with preeminent constitutional law scholar, Laurence Tribe.

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